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YOU need Land Insurance to protect yourself against financial claims and possible loss from members of the public making claims against you.

The reasons they can claim against you are many and varied. They may have been walking across your land and sprained their ankle. They could have ripped clothes on a fence you erected. They could have fallen down a hole or into a river.

Other reasons for claiming can happen even if the claimants are not on your land. If someone is walking by and a high gust of wind breaks a branch on a tree and it hits them, then you may be liable. If the same tree falls down and crushes a car then you can expect the car insurer to come after you for payment.

Recently a cow escaped its field and as well as teams of police, snipers and helicopters, the nearby roads were shut near Newcastle. The costs associated will be huge and well into the hundreds of thousands or maybe millions. If that was your cow on your land, you could be sued for the costs or financial loss.

Those simple problems and possibilities should put the fear of financial ruin into any landowner and make Land Insurance a real priority for you.

The good news is that Land Insurance is not expensive. It is basically a public liability insurance policy that protects you against claims made against you. Other risks can be added such as buildings insurance depending on your needs. If you need anything extra, then speak with the broker and they can add accordingly.

Land insurance typically costs around £100 for average risks and provides wide and deep financial protection. Considering the amount of money you could be sued and liable for, less than £10 per month to ensure you are protected is well worth it.

Land Insurance is a specialist product and there are not many brokers or insurers in the UK that can provide it. There are even fewer that can provide it with good policy coverage and low price, so you need to be careful where you buy.

The Property Insurer has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading expert Land Insurance providers – Versatile Insurance. This company has an excellent reputation for providing superb insurance at the right price and is our chosen and trusted provider.

To get a quote for Land Insurance, discuss your needs or to buy simply visit The Property Insurer today, click for a quote and get covered. It is as simple as that and you can rest assured that the public liability cover is what you want and specified.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

Why you need Land Insurance

Why you need Land Insurance

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