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UNOCCUPIED INSURANCE is for property owners who leave their homes empty for more than 30-days at any one time.

If you attend the property within 30-days, then you will not normally need unoccupied insurance as standard home insurance will cover you up to that period of time. But just check your policy to be sure. And don’t try to make it fit – if you really are absent from the property for more than 30-days, even if it is only 31-days, then your insurance is invalid.

Unoccupied insurance covers your property buildings and contents against risk while it is empty. There are specific risks associated with empty properties that unoccupied insurance deals with that makes it different from normal home policies.

Commons sense advice for saving money on Unoccupied Insurance

Things like neighbourhood watch schemes are more important. Having good neighbours that will check the property once a month and pile post out of site can help as well.

It makes sense that you don’t leave valuable goods in an unoccupied property in plain site enticing burglars to raid the home. The latest 4k 60-inch TV may be great, but if you leave it on view in a blatantly vacant house, sooner or later it will be burgled.

Many people need unoccupied insurance as a result of probate as a loved one’s estate is dealt with after their passing. This can take many months and if the property is unoccupied, you need to protect it against damage and loss. Indeed, if there is a mortgage on the property, the solicitor will need to do that immediately.

Always tell the truth

Always tell the truth and give as much accurate information as possible when you are getting an insurance quote. There is no point buying insurance and then making a claim when you have given false details or information. The big insurers have sophisticated fraud detection departments whose entire purpose is to root out fraud and ultimately reject paying your claim. Don’t give them any reason to do so.

Where to buy Unoccupied Insurance

To buy unoccupied insurance you should speak to at least two specialist brokers and get like for like quotes. Then you can choose which policy and price is best for you. The easiest way to do this is by visiting The Property Insurer and going through its two minute quote form. It will return three of the UK’s best providers fighting for your business with the best unoccupied policies available.

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