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If you need to Insure Empty Property you can do so easily with The Property Insurer. Basically, all you have to do is fill in the quotation form on this page or call 01832-735388. Indeed, we like if you call us as we can talk through exact requirements and needs. Nonetheless, if you fill in the quotation form then we can normally supply a competitive quote.

Tell Us The Price To Beat

Explicitly, tell us the price we have to beat or your renewal cost. At this point we turn that into our target price to beat for you. By the same token, if you tell us an unrealistic price then we will know. After all, we are experts in Empty Property Insurance and know the real market rates. Certainly, we will compare various insurance providers for you and deliver the best price and policy possible.

Features Of Our Empty Property Insurance Policies

We can offer the following benefits on some of our policies:

  • Firstly, rebuild value as much as you need
  • Secondly, we only offer full cover unoccupied insurance
  • Thirdly, £10k of contents usually included free of charge
  • Fourthly, our main underwriter is Aviva, but also Channel
  • Fifthly, as long as less than 2-years unoccupied then no issues with quoting immediately
  • Sixthly, let us know if any boarding at the property
  • Seventhly, you need to visit the property every 7-days ideally to ensure all good
  • Finally, ideally you will drain down water tanks but can keep the central heating on instead

What to do next

In any case, you need to fill in the form below or call us on 01832-735388. After that we go to work on your behalf to get the best quotation so you can Insure Empty Property. It’s important to realise each Unoccupied Home Insurance policy is uniquely underwritten for you. In brief, you can have confidence in the cover you are offered. Above all, we will get the quote to you as soon as possible, often on the same day. Indeed, if it is urgent, tell us and we will aim to get the quote to you on the same day.

What’s more, The Property Insurer is a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA). Additionally, we have a 4.9 out of 5-star rating by our customers on Feefo.

Empty Home Insurance Highest Level Of Cover
Probate Unoccupied Home Insurance Solution With The Home Insurer

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    Doug Phelan - The Home Insurer

    “Insure Empty Property with The Property Insurer. We are lucky enough to have some of the best terms and prices in the UK. All things considered, we only offer full cover Empty Property Insurance. That is to say, we don’t believe the lower levels of cover you can buy elsewhere are worth the money. Indeed, we used to sell lower levels of cover but virtually all claims would be refused and that left customers unhappy. Additionally, the cost of low level insurance from other providers is often the same or more than our full cover insurance.

    “We do require you to visit the property every seven days or have a representative do it for you. Coupled with this is the need to leave the central heating on at 15 degrees or drain down the water tanks. Undoubtedly these are sensible precautions for when a home is empty and allow us to save you money on your insurance.

    “Finally, our Unoccupied Home Insurance starts at around £150 for the year with a pro-rata rebate when cancelled or changed as needed. In truth, that makes it fantastically good value for money, so call us or fill in the form today and we will contact you.”

    Doug Phelan, Director, The Property Insurer