Buildings Only Insurance

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Owning a property is a big responsibility as it is probably the biggest investment you will ever make and insurance is a requirement, otherwise you are at great risk. Buildings insurance is the bare minimum required as it will protect your bricks and mortar – in the case of attached properties it will also cover the other properties that could be damaged in the event of yours suffering damage or loss.

The Property Insurer can offer you excellent Building Insurance quickly and easily, just click on the Quote button now.

view of a large detached property to represent property insurer's building only insurance.get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.
get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.

picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

It is not a legal requirement to have Buildings Insurance but there is an argument it should be because if your property burns to the ground and takes other properties with it and you are not insured then the financial loss to you and others is extreme.

You need to protect your property and Building Insurance is the basic way to do that and it is normally very competitively priced, so it is not a big outlay, especially when you use The Property Insurer which compares leading UK brokers to offer the best compromise on price and policy cover.

Imagine the home you have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for burning down. Without buildings insurance you are now homeless and forced to finance a new home build or purchase. With Buildings Insurance you will have the property reinstated like for like without any cost. Now click on the Quote button quickly, that sort of risk simply isn’t worth taking.