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SO Apple has announced a new iPad Pro, TV set top box and 6S phones today. They sound great and as ever, will come perfectly presented and performing the way you expect. If only Home Insurance could be the same? Well it is with The Property Insurer.

For a start, good home insurance will protect your Apple iPad, watch and phone in the event of a claim because of theft, flood or fire. If you have decent contents insurance and your items are lost or stolen, then you can claim them back through your insurance and get new ones. If you have an old iPhone 5c that gets stolen, don’t expect a new iPhone 6s as a replacement though, it doesn’t work like that, you’ll get like for like. Still, a new iPhone 5c is well worth having.

Contents insurance through The Property Insurer will cover anything you want. If you have jewellery, cameras, computers, sofas, games, cash, fridge contents or even cooking utensils, it can all be covered. And a lot of it can be insured while away from home. Want to protect your phone away from home on your household insurance policy, simply add it to the schedule and it will be protected. Everything you specify will add cost, naturally, but it is usually cheaper to do it all through your home insurance than buying individual policies for the different items.

And Home Insurance is much more than simply contents insurance. It also includes buildings insurance that protects the property from complete destruction and will rebuild it in the event of it being razed to the ground. That is normal for home insurance, it is like the old Apple products, they work well but aren’t jazzy enough anymore. That’s where The Property Insurer adds the ‘s’ to home insurance.

By using The Property Insurer you are able to compare not just the biggest names in home insurance, but also the best specialist brands in the UK. Because it is price comparison you are sure to get a low cost because the brokers are fighting it out for your business. But unlike the really big price comparison sites that charge fortunes for the brokers to be there and receive clicks, we don’t do that. We charge a small fee against any sales success – normally around £15 less than the likes of Money Supermarket and the Meerkats. That gives the broker an immediate advantage to saving you money on your home insurance.

It takes around five minutes to get a quote and then you can buy online instantly and be covered the same day with The Property Insurer, for a lot less than you may think. With UK brokers you can trust, we are the Apple of the home insurance world. Think of it as Home Insurance ‘s’.

Jason McClean


Home insurance for all

Home insurance for all



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