Subsidence Insurance is available should you find yourself without it. So don’t worry that your property has suffered subsidence in the past. We have selected three specialist partners that will hear every subsidence case in full and decide the price and cover based on the subsidence risk to each property now, and not as if it is still suffering from subsidence.

The property insurer’s subsidence insurance partners are some of the most specialist providers in the UK and can deal with any form of structural movement. They understand what you have been through, the remedial work and will not simply load the premium because of your history – the repair works and how they will protect you in the future will be taken into account.

With three of the UK’s premier providers of subsidence insurance, you will find the right cover at the right price.


250xJason Jason Says

There are two properties beside each other close to mine that have suffered major subsidence in the last five years. We are talking large scale drops in brickwork. One was fixed two years ago and the other one has just happened and I really feel for the owners of the properties –they need The Property Insurer.

No-one wants subsidence or deliberately goes out of their way to create it. Put simply it is largely a random act that can leave you out of pocket by thousands or struggling for insurance cover in the future. This is one of the areas I am very proud of The Property Insurer, we have one of the best specialist Subsidence Insurance providers in the UK that doesn’t look simply to load price and hope for the best –it has specialist underwriters who understand subsidence and they will work with you to ensure you get the cover you need to protect your most valuable possession. Click or call today if you need this insurance cover.

The first thing you need to answer is why do you want subsidence insurance? If you want it because you fear subsidence in the future but have never had a claim then the path to low cost insurance is very easy for you.

Simply compare all the major brands and home insurance providers in the UK for normal property insurance. House insurance in its standard form does cover subsidence with normally £1000 excess. This is typical and allows the insurers to charge a base risk on subsidence without having to turn it into a specialist policy that they may not be able to deliver due to the high volume, low price focus of their operations. You should try The Property Insurer for a quick price comparison on standard property insurance from the UK’s best providers.

Subsidence insurance becomes more complicated if you have ever had a claim in the past. This is when you do need a specialist provider because getting a reasonable price and excess out of the standard home insurers can be very difficult indeed. They are not set up for specialist insurance provision, which is much smaller in volume than the standard home insurance their businesses are built upon.

A subsidence expert insurer will know all of the intricacies and foibles around any previous claims. They’ll understand the causes and what has been done to fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. They will even know about the types of fixes and how many historically have failed.