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THIS is a specific question for buy to let property owners – would you buy fixed price landlord insurance? This isn’t available on the market right now but The Home Insurer is looking to deliver a new experience for home owners and we want to know if you would be interested.

As a landlord myself, with a day job, I am pretty time poor when it comes to running my let property. More than once I have woken up in the night remembering I should have bought landlord insurance the previous day but ran out of time.

Invariably, in the middle of the night you do not get the best offers of landlord insurance. Instead you go through a quote process that tends not to offer the best price possible. And as it is night, you cannot speak to anyone to see if you can save money. You don’t know whether you are getting a good policy at a reasonable price is the long and short of it.

And the fact is there is no real price comparison for landlord insruance in the UK. Even Money Supermarket only offers a list of providers and you have to contact each one yourself, there is no list of prices. So comparing is not easy.

How about what The Home Insurer proposes. A straightforward buy it now price for landlord insurance based on a number of questions and levels.

How much is your rebuild cost? Less than £100,000? Less than £250,000? Less than £500,000. You choose the one that best suits you. Above £500,000 and you’ll need to wait for a call back in office hours.

How many bedrooms does the property have? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more. Choose the level that you need. Anything over 5 bedrooms and it will be a call back in the morning.

Now, make sure you can confirm that you haven’t made any claims in the last five years. Confirm the property is not in a flood risk area or suffered subsidence and that it is let to tenants on an AST. You’ll need to add in post code and agree it is of standard brick and tile construction.

Do all that and then you can choose from three fixed price products ranging from £149 to £249. Hit the buy it now button and get your policy documents to your inbox or download immediately for instand insurance cover.

It’s easy, fast and thanks to the fantastic rates, capable of saving you money on your existing insurance.

At least that’s what we think, do let me know at jason@thepropertyinsurer.co.uk.

Jason McClean


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Do you need Landlord Insurance? How to save money if you do



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