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IF you are a landlord then you will probably have had one of those Saturday or Sunday evenings in mid-winter when a tenant has an emergency and you have to sort it out. Landlords Emergency Cover goes a long way to fixing that problem for you.


I remember a Saturday at 2200 in December and a tenant called me up with a boiler that had stopped and wouldn’t start again. The house was hot enough for the evening as they were going to bed, but I had a sleepless night worried about getting an engineer on a Sunday.


I got an engineer after a few calls. It cost £460 to get the boiler fixed, including the call out charge. That hurt a lot, but the tenant was happy and it kept everything positive in that respect.


If I had the Landlord Emergency Cover (It wasn’t available as a product back in 2010 when this happened to me) in place, it would have been a different story.  The tenant would have had an emergency number to call 24x7x365. They would call that in the first instance and explain the problem.  An engineer would have been despatched promptly to fix it at the tenant’s convenience.


If the boiler were fixable, then it would be fixed. If not, then the family would be offered a hotel for the evening while another solution was put in place with my involvement. Most boiler problems are PCB burnouts, faulty valves, ignitions or dead fans. Those would be fixed as a matter of course. In my case it was a PCB that needed replacing. Normally a £250 fix but as it was a Sunday, it was nearly double that.


I would have found out when the tenant called to tell me they had a problem and it had been fixed or needed further attention. So my stress levels would have been lower and I might have slept better.


Now the Landlords Emergency Cover isn’t a blank cheque. I can choose from Silver cover at £47.99 which gives £250 per claim limit. Gold at £59.99 gives £500 and Platinum at £69.99 gives £750. As long as I had chosen Gold or Platinum the fix would have been completed without me having to pay a penny. There is zero excess on the policy. And you have unlimited claims per year, so if you have 100 call outs, there is still no charge.


As part of the policy the boiler must be maintained and have a gas safety certificate, something that as a good landlord I do anyway.


As well as the boiler, it can cover lost keys, electrics, plumbing, central heating and a host of other emergencies, so it has real versatility.


If the property you own is accident or emergency prone, then it may well be worth putting it under Landlords Emergency Cover as it will only take one call out to recoup the cost of the insurance and then some. You can buy directly by visiting www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk and clicking on the Landlord Emergency Cover option.


Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

Landlords Emergency Cover can help when pipes burst

Landlords Emergency Cover can help when pipes burst

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