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IF you are renting a property then you should consider Tenants Contents Insurance to protect your belongings against theft, accidents and financial loss.


Tenants Contents Insurance is the same as contents insurance

Tenants Contents Insurance works like standard residential contents insurance. But in this case it is designed specifically for renters. It is important to note that standard contents insurance will not work for renters and if you ever made a claim then it is likely to be rejected. So make sure if you are a tenant, then you get Tenants Contents Insurance.


The Property Insurer is an expert provider of Tenants Contents Insurance in the UK. It has recently put in place the scheme for Finders Keepers, the large award winning midland based lettings agency. So you know if you get a quote from The Property Insurer you are in safe hands and will be paying a low price for an excellent policy.


How much Tenants Contents Insurance cover do you need?

The first thing to do is work out how much cover you need for your contents insurance. You need to roughly add up everything you own and put values to it all.


Televisions, sofas, cameras, computers, mobile phones, cash, clothes, jewellery, books and anything else you own. Add it all up and if you have receipts, keep them as any evidence of what you own will be useful in the case of a claim.


Typically you will find anywhere from £1000 – £10,000 for tenants contents insurance but it could be a lot more if you are a family moving into rented accommodation.


Protection for possessions away from home?

Once you know the amount of cover you need, then you can decide if you want coverage for any items away from the property. This will add to the cost but could protect your laptop if you are on a train a lot, or a camera when on holiday. Consider it as gadget insurance for your valuables away from home and that can include jewellery.


How to buy Tenants Contents Insurance

Next, go to The Property Insurer and select Tenants Insurance. You then fill in a single form that takes less than two minutes. Three of the best Tenants contents insurance experts in the UK will get in touch with you and compete to provide your policy. You price and policy compare and then buy the one that suits you best.


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