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NON-STANDARD HOME INSURANCE is something you will read about on price comparison websites and brokers may talk about it when you are asking for a quote. So what is non-standard home insurance and should you be concerned?

The first thing is you shouldn’t be concerned at all. Non-standard home insurance is a catchall phrase used by brokers and insurers to describe any home insurance requirement that is not the base average or typical enquiry. The base typical enquiry can be described as a three-bed semi owner and mortgaged by a working family with no claims or convictions. Anything different than that can be viewed as non-standard home insurance.

So if you have an irregular or unique situation with your property, then you may well need non-standard home insurance. This could be having a proportion of flat roof, or timber frame construction, being in a flood risk area, having suffered from subsidence in the past or even having made a claim in the recent past for theft or accidental damage.

Anything that sets you out as different means you may need a non-standard home insurance quote and that is no bad thing. If you understand you need non-standard insurance, say for a property that may be unoccupied for more than 30-days, then you can go to the insurance market and ask the right companies and brokers to quote you.

If you ask some of the big name television-advertising brokers and insurers they simply cannot deal with non-standard home insurance well. Even minor changes to standard policies they cannot cope with and they will load the price or refuse to quote at all. You may think you are getting a good deal because their marketing machines are telling you that but you would be better off speaking to a non-standard home insurance provider who can rate the risk properly and give you a realistic and proper price including full coverage.

The Property Insurer works with the best non-standard home insurance providers in the UK that can cover any requirement you need – if you have a roof, they can cover it. It takes about two minutes to complete a quote form and then you can choose a rate from the three best brokers suited to you, happy and confident that the coverage and price you receive are the best possible. Try it today, it could save you money on your home insurance.



Non-standard home insurance

Non-standard home insurance

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