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DO you need Unoccupied Home Insurance at Christmas time? That will all depend on what you are doing at Christmas and how long you intend to spend away from your property.

If you are going skiing for the entire month of December, then you will be away for more than 30-days and that means you will need unoccupied home insurance. If you are only going for a fortnight, then you will normally be covered by your standard buildings and contents insurance policy.

Buildings and contents insurance with 30-days vacancy

You see most standard buildings and contents home insurance policies come with vacancy built in, normally up to a maximum of 30-days. This allows for most typical holidays and work excursions without the policy holder having to buy new insurance every time they leave the property. You do need to check your own policy though as some very cheap policies will have any period excluded in order to get the price right down.

Unoccupied Home Insurance is for over 30-days

So the only time you are likely to need Unoccupied Home Insurance is if the property is empty for more than 30-days at a time. That means it is unlikely you’ll need this cover during the Christmas period. Going for a couple of nights in the lake district or up North to visit relatives is well within normal home insurance provision.

Home insurance at Christmas

In fact there is very little you need to do about your home insurance at Christmas time. It will operate pretty much as normal but you need to be aware of slightly different risks at this time of the year. Opportunist thieves could easily burgle your property if it is obvious you are away from home. Christmas trees and candles should be switched off and extinguished before leaving the property. All common sense really.

And if you do need to make a claim on your home insurance over Christmas, be aware that a skeleton staff will mean possibly longer delays in getting through to the right people on the phone.

How to buy Unoccupied Home Insurance

If you do think you’ll be away at Christmas or anytime for more than 30-days then you can buy Unoccupied Home Insurance anytime through The Property Insurer. It boasts some of the best rates and policy providers in the UK. You can even compare prices before buying.

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Unoccupied Home Insurance

Unoccupied Home Insurance


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