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THE PROPERTY INSURER is based in Thrapston, Northamptonshire and has recently added its name to the East Northants Business Directory in a bid to help save people money on their home insurance.

You can visit by clicking The Property Insurer and seeing its entry in the Directory. The idea is to reach out to local residents, businesses and landlords that own or rent property and to offer them the best insurance in the UK.

Jason McClean, a resident in Thrapston and Director at The Property Insurer, said: “We have a property insurance business that spans the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland but people in our local area might not know what we do or how much they can save.

“We offer a fantastic price comparison service on home insurance buildings and contents. And if anyone has a special need such as renovation, unoccupied property or subsidence then we can help as well.

“There are plenty of properties near rivers in Northamptonshire and in Thrapston. These may come under flood risk but we can deal with that as well, usually with normal terms and conditions.

“Landlords can save money with The Property Insurer as well. We have fantastic schemes that offer price guarantees and the lowest prices in the UK. So if you need to save money on your home insurance, whatever sort it is, then we hope the local residents will support their local business.”

The Property Insurer started in 2010 and remains a small business ink its local community. By listing on the East Northants Business Directory, it is supporting another new start up business based in nearby Titchmarsh.

“It’s great to see the entrepreneurship from local businesses and to support that whenever possible,” said McClean. “I met the owner of the East Northants Business Directory at a school event and while our children enjoyed a halloween party we got interested in each others business and managed to get together and now we are listed on the new Directory.

“I hope it encourages locals to use The Property Insurer and save them money. That will prove the worth of both the Directory and our home insurance offerings. And that in turn will hopefully grow the Directory as other local businesses join the success story.”

For more information on The Property Insurer, visit www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk. If you have any difficult to insure or unusual home insurance requirements then you can contact Jason directly on jason@thepropertyinsurer.co.uk. He will do his best to help you get a solution with the best policy coverage and price every time.

The Property Insurer East Northants Directory

The Property Insurer East Northants Directory

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