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IF you want to buy the cheapest home insurance in the UK then you need to visit www.thehomeinsurer.co.uk. This is not only the cheapest home insurance, but it is credible and trustworthy provided by a UK company that knows what you need.

Using new underwriting facilities from one of the insurance industry stalwarts, The Home Insurer has access to match any price in the UK market from any other underwriter. But the price match isn’t what anyone is interested in, so The Home Insurer will use the facility to match your best price and then cut its own commission to beat it for you.

It’s a simple approach that combines the best home insurance provision with a company that wants to grow and do business with you. And by doing so everyone wins. The business grows, you save money and if you have a home insurance claim you can rest easy that one of the best insurers in the business is behind you.

There are no gimmicks here. Excess levels will be sensible and not contrived high to try and reduce the price. Typically £100 – £250 excess on buildings and £50-£100 on contents is fine with the Home Insurer.

Flood insurance is not excluded, it is included, as is subsidence insurance and any other sort of specialism you may need. When the big insurers switch off and don’t want your business that is when The Home Insurer kicks in and will say yes rather than no.

The Home Insurer is a fantastic new approach to home insurance and it wants to reward loyalty as well, so it has come up with a new approach to that as well, going back to the days when loyalty counted for something.

If you do not make a claim in the year of your insurance, then The Home Insurance guarantees your home insurance on renewal will be the same or less than what it was previously. That means you are rewarded for not making claims, really rewarded, not simply a notional figure on paper and excuses that inflation is pushing up prices.

So not only can you get the lowest price possible in the UK for your home insurance, you can guarantee it will stay low the following year if you don’t need to make a claim.

The Home Insurer is shaking up home insurance.



The cheapest home insurance in the UK

The cheapest home insurance in the UK

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