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Subsidence is often only associated with long, hot dry summers because clay shrinkage is one of the most common causes. But escape of water, vegetation and generally poor ground mean this is a year round challenge for the property owner and the insurance company even when we have frost on the ground!

You can take steps to avoid future subsidence claims. Soil moisture content is greatly affected by the size, type and number of trees and shrubs in a garden. Managing their growth and taking care over choosing and planting new trees and shrubs can help to reduce the risk of soil drying out too much and subsidence problems developing later.

Signs of Subsidence
If you spot any cracks that carry the tell-tale signs of subsidence then you should contact your buildings insurer immediately. They may require a structural engineer to visit and assess the damage. It may be just a case of monitoring the cracks and any movement in the property over 12 months. Alternatively if the problem is subsidence then work will start almost straight away to correct the problem (usually underpinning).

Policy Excess
Be aware that your standard home insurance policy usually carries a high standard policy excess for subsidence claims, usually over £1,000. But that will vary dependant on whether you live in a subsidence risk area. If you have opted to take a voluntary excess on your home insurance then this will be in addition to the subsidence policy excess that applies.

Finding Affordable Insurance
The fact that you have had a subsidence claim could affect your future home insurance needs and you can expect to pay increased premiums for years to come; you may even find that some insurance companies will refuse to insure you.

If your property is either at risk of, or experienced a claim for subsidence, forget the big insurance brands as they don’t want you anymore. You need specialist cover from a Broker that understands the unique challenges that subsidence presents. They also have access to specialist insurance markets who will be able to cut the cost of your insurance.

Don’t despair as all not all is lost! The Property Insurer works with an expert panel of leading subsidence insurance specialists who will provide you with comprehensive insurance cover at a realistic price.

Visit The Property Insurer today and click on the subsidence insurance button, complete the online form and our experts will be in touch.

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