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SUBSIDENCE INSURANCE is thought to cost a lot more than standard buildings and contents insurance. That does not need to be the case if you know where to shop and how to buy smart. This is The Property Insurer’s guide to buying Subsidence Insurance at the lowest price.


The first thing you need to determine is whether you actually need Subsidence Insurance or simply want to have subsidence covered as part of your insurance. Most residential home insurance policies will cover against subsidence with a £1000 excess. This is normal and if you have never suffered from subsidence in the past, then this is the sort of insurance you need. This is also the way to get subsidence insurance at the lowest price possible – get it as normal buildings and contents insurance.


But if you have ever suffered from subsidence or there are a lot of properties near you that have suffered from subsidence, then you will need Subsidence Insurance from a specialist provider. This is what people traditionally think will cost them fortunes but it doesn’t have to be that way.


If you visit The Property Insurer and click on the Subsidence Insurance button that is your first step to getting subsidence insurance at the lowest price possible.


This service introduces you to three of the best expert subsidence insurance providers in the UK. They know all about subsidence, underpinning and ground heave. They know more than you do, which is a good starting point. They will ask lots of questions and you will need to answer honestly. If you don’t answer honestly and you ever make a claim and are found out, your claim will be rejected on the basis of giving fraudulent information.


The good news is if you have had subsidence and then had it fixed properly by a contractor who is licensed, then the effect on your insurance is going to be minimal. The fix in these occasions is likely to make the property much stronger and less prone to subsidence in the future and the expert provider knows that and will price your policy accordingly.


By filling in the quick quote form that takes less than two minutes with The Property Insurer, you’ll get three policies and prices to compare from, the UK’s best providers and be able to buy subsidence insurance at the lowest price.


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The Property Insurer


Subsidence Insurance at the lowest price

Subsidence Insurance at the lowest price

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