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IF you own a property that has been underpinned for subsidence or heave in the past then you will need Subsidence Home Insurance. This is a specialist form of buildings and contents insurance that takes into account the claims history of the property. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it will be expensive. This is your guide to what Subsidence Home Insurance is, how it works and how to buy it at the right price and avoid being ripped off.

Subsidence Home Insurance will help you

If you have suffered from subsidence or heave in the past, then Subsidence Home Insurance really is your only option for insuring your property. It doesn’t matter how long ago the problem happened, you need to speak with a specialist broker and provider to get the best quote, price and policy.

If you try going through normal home insurance one of three things is likely to happen.

1: Future subsidence will be excluded. If it ever happens again you’ll be in trouble.

2: Future subsidence will be covered but you’ll choke on the price the broker will charge.

3: The broker will not offer you insurance because they don’t want your business.

Getting a good Subsidence Home Insurance broker

A good specialist Subsidence Home Insurance broker will be much different. They know what has happened, they know how the problem has been fixed and they understand how to insure your property properly and at a realistic price.

They will ask you many questions about the prior claim and will want to know details about how it was fixed, maybe even about the contractor that performed the works. If it’s all be done properly, then that will give them the green light to reduce the cost of the home insurance policy. They can do this because they know the problem has been fixed properly and there is very little chance of the problem reoccurring.

In many cases, a specialist broker will negate any claims over 15-years old completely, they might even offer you standard terms. But one thing is for sure, they will offer you good cover that takes account of all risks at a decent price.

How to get a Subsidence Home Insurance broker

This is the easy bit. Go to The Property Insurer and click on Subsidence Insurance. Fill in the quick quote form that takes about two minutes and then you can compare the policies and prices from three expert Subsidence Home Insurance providers.

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