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Subsidence is often associated with long, hot dry summers, but even though we are in the grip of a very cold winter it is still important for those home owners to check their home insurance to ensure they have adequate cover for subsidence, and those in properties affected by subsidence in the past seek specialist subsidence insurance.

What is subsidence?
Subsidence is where the ground beneath your property starts to sink. The word has also commonly used to refer to the occurrence of heave (upward movement of the ground supporting the building) and landslip (slow slide of the ground down a slope).

Subsidence is usually caused by three main factors:

1) Type of Soil, the risk of subsidence to your home can depend on the type of soil it’s built on. I live in a predominantly clay soil area and clay is particularly vulnerable as it shrinks and swells in relation to their moisture content.

2) Trees and shrubs planted near your home can cause subsidence because their roots suck the moisture from the soil, causing it to shrink. This is more of a risk during long periods of dry weather as thirsty plants push their roots through building foundations in search of water.

3) Leaking drains, the water escaping from damaged drains can sometimes soften, or even wash away the ground beneath the foundations of your home. This results in ground movement and therefore building movement.

How does it affect your insurance?
You need to check your home insurance policy; buildings cover usually includes cover for subsidence but you will pay a much larger excess compared to the main policy, excess of around £10,000 for subsidence damage are commonplace.

Subsidence can also affect your future home insurance needs and you can expect to pay increased premiums for years to come, you may even find that some insurance companies will refuse to insure you. If your property is either at risk of, or experienced a claim for subsidence you need specialist cover from a Broker with expertise in property subsidence and with access to specialist insurance markets.

The Property Insurer works with leading subsidence insurance specialists who should be able to provide comprehensive insurance cover at a realistic price. Visit The Property Insurer today and click on the subsidence insurance button, complete the online form and our experts will be in touch at a time to suit you..


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