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YOU’D be forgiven for thinking Monthly Home Insurance is simply an annual policy paid for by Direct Debit. That is traditionally what it has been and recently has come under fire by the FCA for high charges for credit of up to 75%. What The Property Insurer is talking about is different. This is true Monthly Home Insurance without Direct Debit and high charges.


There are no Direct Debit charges. There are no credit charges. You buy the Monthly Home Insurance and it lasts for only one month. If you want it to renew and continue for a second, third, fourth month etc., then you do so.


If you want insurance for a month and not the next month, then no problem, it simply lapses and you go back when you need home insurance again.


This is the ultimate home insurance flexible product. It is based on the same principles as Pay As You Go Mobile Phone contracts. You pay a fee for a month and then the next month you start again.


If you have poor credit history, then there is no problem as you only pay on a per month basis. There is no credit agreement needed. This is perhaps the only way people with poor credit can get home insurance on a monthly basis.


Monthly Home Insurance doesn’t skimp on the cover either. It will insure any rebuild value up to £500,000 as standard. Included is £50,000 worth of contents insurance as well. Those values will cover the vast majority of home in the UK.


Emergency Home Insurance cover is included in the Monthly Home Insurance. It is bundled together and makes this an extremely comprehensive policy. Not only are your buildings and contents insured, you are also covered against emergencies such as broken boilers, faulty electrics, burst pipes and even lost keys.


All you have to do is get a quote for Monthly Home insurance that is typically around £20 per month. You can buy online and set up a fee free Direct Debit if you want the policy to renew at the end of the month automatically so cover is constant.


Monthly Home Insurance has all the benefits of an annual policy with emergency cover added on top without charge. It also has all the benefits of monthly payments without any additional charges or hidden fees. It is completely flexible and can be switched on or off quickly as a month is all you pay for in one go.


So if you want maximum flexibility, excellent cover and low monthly payments, it could well be for you. To see how convenient and low cost it is, get a Monthly Home Insurance quote today.


Jason McClean

The Property Insurer


Monthly Home Insurance

Monthly Home Insurance is super flexible and low cost with excellent cover


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