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If you own or have inherited a property that is going to be empty for a period of time then you may need short term unoccupied house insurance.

There is no problem getting this insurance for you at a good price. Even better, you may not need unoccupied insurance at all. It all comes down to understanding what short term means. This brief guide is designed to help you understand if you need it and if so, how to buy it at the best price with the best coverage.

What is short term?

Short term can be anything up to six months but for the purposes of insurance, it must be over 30-days.

You see insurers build unoccupied insurance into most standard policies for buildings and contents that lasts for up to 30 days at a time. That is really short term. If you expect your property to be empty for less than 30 days then the good news is you probably need to do nothing and your existing insurance will cover you. This 30 day rule allows people to go on holiday or away on work assignments without compromising coverage and is very standard. Just check your own policy to see how long you are allowed to leave the house empty, some will not allow any time and others can go as high as 60 days on landlord policies.

What is short term unoccupied house insurance?

This is specialist insurance cover designed to protect your property when it is empty for more than 30 days.

Because it is a longer time period than accepted by standard home insurance, you will end up spending a little more money on the insurance cover. Vacancy means there are more risks from thieves, flash floods or even electrical fires inside the property. All of that is recognised by the specialist insurance.

It’s worth noting if you leave your house empty for more than 30 days, without short term unoccupied house insurance in place you could have a claim refused. That could be financially disastrous.

So to buy specialist short term unoccupied house insurance, all you have to do is visit The Home Insurer. You can buy an excellent policy there at a superb price.

If you want to price compare several specialist short term unoccupied house insurance providers, then you can visit The Property Insurer. It takes two minutes to complete a quote form and then you can compare prices and policy coverage.

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