Second Home Insurance is similar to Holiday Home Insurance in that it can cover your property for Buildings and Contents Insurance just like your primary residence, but also takes into account periods of being unoccupied and the risk that involves.

When your property is empty for days/weeks/months at a time it is a different risk for many reasons – theft, burst pipes, water damage etc. That is why you need specialist Second Home Insurance to cover the property.

If you are renting the property to other people or have tenants then it starts to need cover for Public Liability and loss of rent as well – all of which can be delivered through The Property Insurer’s specialist provider, please call us on the number below.


250xJason Jason Says

Whether it is a seaside retreat for the summer holidays or a flat in central London that you need for three nights a week while working, second homes are becoming more and more popular in the UK, despite the Government’s ever increasing war on owners to try and reduce prices for locals. May I remind the Government that it was most likely a poor hard-done-by impoverished local that sold the property to the second home buyer and trousered the profit in the first place – the locals want their cake and to eat it.

Whatever you have your second, third or fourth home for that is your business but I do urge you to make sure that you have the right Second Home Insurance in place for complete peace of mind and to protect you in case of disaster. Call now and you will get a great deal from our specialist broker.