Renters Insurance is a version of contents insurance – also known as Tenants Insurance – so is easy to get with plenty of competition in the market keeping prices realistic for you. Basically if you rent a property then it is your responsibility to insure your own contents, not the landlord who normally only insures the building itself – it makes sense if the contents are yours then you should insure them.

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Renters Insurance is for anyone renting out a property – whether they are the tenant or landlord.

If you are renting out the property and are a tenant then chances are you will have some of your own contents in the property – TV, kettle, mobile phone, computer, bed etc. You need to get renters insurance for these contents in case of a claim from theft or fire. You can even get accidental damage to cover them in case of mishaps.

If you are a landlord then you will need renters insurance to cover the building and any contents you own that are still in it.

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