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RENOVATION INSURANCE should not be a scary prospect for property owners. It is a specialist insurance product designed to protect your property if you are going through major refurbishments or an extension and is reasonably priced, especially if you use The Property Insurer.

If you need to insure your property for an extension, then Renovation Insurance will allow all aspects to be covered. Whether it is the plant and machinery on site, the risk against accidental damage to the property, theft, fire or all normal buildings and contents insurance, then Renovation Insurance will protect you.

It is the same if you are refurbishing a property. Anything inside and outside can be insured.

Major renovations are likely to be done in stages and feature different plant, equipment and structural items on site at different times. Finance may be permitted at scheduled at times to meet with increased work and activity. Good Renovation Insurance will allow you to mix and match need and requirement by date and time as well.

For internal decorations, you will probably not need expert Renovation Insurance. Painting walls and changing carpets, or even installing a new kitchen or bathroom is normally fully internal work. If you are using professional contractors they will or should have their own professional indemnity insurance. In these cases your home insurance should cover you as the risk is much less than having machinery and bricks in your garden and the skin of your house punctured. Check your home insurance policy to be sure though.

The beauty of Renovation Insurance is its flexibility. This is not an annual home insurance policy covering standard risks. It is one of the most complicated and sophisticated property insurance specialisms in the UK. You may only need it for three months and then you revert to a standard home insurance policy once the renovation work is complete.

The good news is that there are excellent providers in the UK willing to compete and fight for your business.

The Property Insurer partners with three of the best Renovation Insurance providers in the UK and by filling in one short form that takes about two minutes, you can get the three specialists fighting for your policy.

By getting three brokers fighting for your business, you can compare prices and policies before buying, ensuring you get the best deal. There is no easier way to price compare Renovation Insurance in the UK.

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