Renovation insurance is a very specialist product designed for people taking on significant ground works and modifications to buildings – or even new building works. It can also include cover for unoccupied properties while being renovated.

Renovation insurance covers extensions and loft conversions. Renovation insurance is great for any property where tools, materials and supplies may be left outside in a building site or garden and be vulnerable to theft or damage from the elements.

Whether you are protecting plant and machinery, open walls, hand tools, or even passing members of the public from injury and harm, renovation insurance is what you need.

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250xJason Jason Says

I am not Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs and I’ve never renovated a property – but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about being able to do it one day. Ideally for me it would be an old church that I could renovate into an amazing living space.

And if I ever get round to that dream renovation, I’ll have the right insurance in place before I start. Whether it is to protect the plant and materials on site from theft or weather damage right through to protecting myself with public liability insurance.

For the small price it costs for renovation insurance I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t have it in place. One accident or one injury could sink the whole project if you are not insured. And that would make a very short episode of Grand Designs for Kevin McCloud – which just won’t do!

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