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THE HOME INSURER has partnered with Zoopla, the UK’s most comprehensive property website, to offer Home Buyers Protection Insurance through Zoopla’s Move channel, a moving checklist for buyers and renters.

Home Buyers Protection Insurance repays mortgage, survey and conveyancing fees when a sale falls through that is out of the buyers control. It means you don’t lose out if your seller pulls out.

Reasons for a sale falling through can include gazumping, when another buyer makes an offer that is higher than yours and is accepted by the seller. It also includes the seller pulling out, right through to an adverse survey.

The Home Buyers Protection will repay, without any excess, £1000 in conveyancing fees, £750 in survey and valuation fees and £500 in mortgage/lender fees.

The Home Buyers Protection is being offered by The Home Insurer, costs just £49.95 and lasts 180 days from purchase, giving plenty of time for the sale to complete.

The Home Insurer’s Jason McClean, said: “You can now insure against losing money when your home purchase falls through due to forces out of your control. You can access this through Zoopla’s innovative new ‘Move’ channel and everything happens online.

“According to Which, 3 in 10 house sales fall through and that can mean a significant financial loss for the buyer – something this Home Buyers Protection Insurance is designed to reduce or remove completely. It’s good peace of mind and excellent cover and we hope it saves buyers from losing money.”

For full details about the Home Buyers Protection, visit: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/moving/

*The Home Insurer is FCA regulated, and all insurers providing Home Buyers Protection Insurance are names you can trust.

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