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IF you want to pay a lower cost than price comparison sites for landlord insurance then you need to visit The Property Insurer, the specialist insurance website that can help save you money.

The big price comparison sites such as Money Supermarket, Confused and Compare the Market do not offer price comparison on landlord insurance. Instead, they offer a list of advertisers with the one that is paying the most per click at the top of the page – or alternatively they have a deal with a single provider to take care of all landlord insurance business and they have paid a handsome fee to do so.

In all these cases, the price comparison site’s main priority is earning as much money as possible. So the highest bidder gets the top spot regardless of how competitive they are in reality. On the list example such as used by money Supermarket, the top provider could be spending £10-£15 per click and not every click leads to a quote. And not every quote leads to a sale, so you can see how much this approach will cost.

On the single provider approach, such as used by Confused, they may have been paid millions of pounds to take all landlord enquiries per year. That’s a lot of money to be recouped from the landlords by the company before it can go into profit.

Compare the Market has a very high marketing cost thanks to its brilliant meerkat promotion – buy from them and they will send you a meerkat toy; that’s not cheap to do either.

So with all of these price comparison sites, there is no price comparison and huge costs involved at each stage. And while the sheer size of the businesses means they can offer good prices, they can be beaten because other providers will be paying less to get the quotes and business. That’s where The Property insurer comes into play.

With a restricted panel of only three recipients, each a landlord specialist, none of them paying huge costs for acquiring business or promotional gimmicks, you can get some of the best policies and prices for landlord insurance possible.

It takes around two minutes to fill in the quick quote form and then you can compare prices properly and challenge them to beat anything you get from a price comparison site – you could well be very pleasantly surprised by getting lower cost than price comparison sites for landlord insurance.


The Property Insurer

Lower cost than price comparison sites for landlord insurance

Lower cost than price comparison sites for landlord insurance

I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord. We tell it how it really is. Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money!