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Empty property insurance

Empty property insurance

IF you need empty property insurance all you have to do is follow these easy steps to get it at as low a price as possible.

Competition for empty property insurance is high

Empty property insurance is actually quite common. That means there are good specialist insurers and brokers willing to compete for your business. That competition drives prices down.

Whether you have inherited a property and it is going through probate or have a second or holiday home, the reasons for a property being empty are many and various. But whatever the reason, you will need to protect the asset with good insurance.

Price compare empty property insurance

You’ll not get a straight online price comparison service anywhere for empty property insurance. You will get something close though.  www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk is where you can submit 1 form that takes less than 2-minutes to complete and is sent to 3 expert empty property insurance brokers. They then contact you and offer you their best prices and policies to match your needs. It really is as simple as that.

The form asks the basic details on the property and determines your requirements. That allows the specialist unoccupied insurance broker to determine the risk and a base price before calling you.

When they do call you – normally within 30-minutes of submitting the form – they can then ask a few more specific questions. Your answers will help them to reduce the price further. It’ll take a matter of minutes and you could save fortunes.

Answers will lead to cost savings

Questions over your claims history, the security systems on the house, the frequency you have it inspected and more all help them determine just how risky the property really is being left empty. If you convince them the risk is minimal then you can expect a much lower price of insurance.

You can then compare the three brokers that have contacted you, confident they are empty property insurance experts and you will end up with the cover you really need to protect your asset.

The easiest way to get empty property insurance

That is the easiest way to get low cost empty property insurance in the UK today. There are other ways but they will involve hours of Google searches, filling in forms and calling brokers. That is  much harder work for what is likely to be a more expensive policy. Visit www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk today.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord. We tell it how it really is. Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money!

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