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IF you own a block of flats, then you will need specialist Block of Flats Insurance. This is easy to get with The Property Insurer which has access to some of the best policies and prices in the UK.

This is not insurance for a flat. That is something different and relates to a single dwelling that you either own or rent. If you own a flat, then you need home buildings and contents insurance for it. If you rent a flat then you need tenants contents insurance. In both cases visit The Property Insurer and we will do our best to save you money.

Block of Flats Insurance is purely for landlords, owners and management companies that own the entire block of flats. That can be two or three in a building right through to a large block of more than 100 flats.

All of those individual flats are owned by the single landlord and must be insured by the landlord. It is the landlords responsibility to insure the property, not the tenants or leaseholders of the flats. Normally this is set out on the terms of the leasehold and is recovered by the landlord via a management charge. The management charge can include a lot more than insurance, it can cover maintainence, repairs and many other items.

The cost of your Block of Flats Insurance will vary depending on the size of the property, the postcode and prior claims. This is normal and just like any other home in the UK.

To keep the price as low as possible, you need to minimise claims. This nis probably the easiest way to keep prices down. If you live in a flood area then taking precautions and installing flood defences will help as well. If you have ever suffered subsidence, then getting the work fixed by reputable contractors is a must.

A block of flats is normally bigger and more expensive than a single dwelling to insure, which again is logical and normal. The best way to save money when buying Block of Flats Insurance is to get two quotes and then choose the one that is the best mix of price and policy provision.

The Property Insurer will help you by offering you what we believe is the best UK available cover for Block of Flats Insurance at the very best price. It takes only minutes to get a quote and you can buy and get cover on the same day.

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Block of Flats Insurance

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