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Landlord Emergency Cover Insurance

Do you hate the late night or Sunday morning calls from tenants saying the heating has broken down, or the toilet has blocked? Do you hate having to source a tradesman to fix it or get in your car and go and do it yourself? Do you hate paying for these repairs as they eat into your let property profit? If you do, then Landlords Emergency Home Cover is for you.

There is no excess to pay, there are unlimited claims per year and Landlords Home Emergency cover includes a wide variety of common domestic problems. Your tenant gets a 24×7 phone number to report any problems and get them fixed, without you having to worry.

The Property Insurer has partnered with Surewise for Landlords Home Emergency cover because they offer different levels of cover at different prices. The Silver policy costs just £47.99 per year and offers £250 maximum per claim. The Gold policy is £59.99 per year and offers £500 per claim. The Platinum policy is £69.99 and offers £750 per claim.

The coverage is clear and easy to buy instantly online, find out more by hitting the Get a Quote button.

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picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

As a landlord myself I dread seeing a tenant’s phone number appearing on my phone screen. They only ever call when there is a problem and it can range from a dripping tap to a full-blown boiler meltdown. All I do know for sure is that it costs me time and money to get it sorted. With Landlords Emergency Home Cover the worry is taken away.

You need to be careful which level of cover to choose. If you have a new boiler still under warranty then the Silver or Gold is likely to be enough. If you anticipate problems with your boiler, I’d go for the Platinum cover.

On one of my own rental properties, I needed to buy a complete new boiler at £2000 fitted. I would have got £750 for that on the Platinum scheme. I also had to get taps fixed at £120. That means my £69.99 cover would have paid out £920. I would have been much better off with this cover in place.

This Landlords Home Emergency Cover is worth its weight in gold just for taking the hassle away from you and letting you get on with your life, never mind the money it could save you.

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