Land Insurance

Land Insurance is a must if you own a field, plot or even just a private road as you could be liable if someone is on the land and injures themselves.

If it is a private road then the residents along the road tend to band together and share the cost of Land Insurance to cover the risk. Items such as street lights can even be included in the insurance – along with employers as well as public liability cover.

Land Insurance can cover fields, lakes, streams, quarries, mines, forests – you name it if is part of the land then it can be insured, although the public liability to defend against people hurting themselves on your land is perhaps the most common requirement for Land Insurance.

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get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer with contact number contained in button.

picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

I feel a rant coming on here. My parents were robbed several years ago and after the event my father told the police he was going to put barbed-wire on top of a gate to protect against further burglary. The police told him if a dirty stinking rotten lowlife thief hurt himself on the barbed wire while breaking in then he could sue my father. How wrong is that?

It’s a bit similar with Land Insurance. The fact is even if your land is private, if someone is on it and hurts themselves they can slyly come to you for damages and if you do not have Land Insurance they could clean out your life savings and leave you destitute – even if they were not allowed on the land in the first place. How wrong is that?

For once, can we not have a country where people take responsibility for their own actions? If I am breaking into someone’s house, I am the thief and scumbag, not the owner for leaving a kids toy on the landing that I might trip over and graze my knee. Similarly, if I am on private property and shouldn’t be and then hurt myself – it is my fault, I’m the idiot for being there in the first place, not the landowner.

Rant over, I feel better for it but it makes no difference – you need Land Insurance if you own land and the best place to get it is by clicking or calling on the below.