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THE Property Insurer can offer some of the best specialist UK rates for Insurance on Land. As far as we are concerned, land is property and that means we need to have the best insurance for those that need it.

Insurance on Land is basically Public Liability cover to protect the landowner from being sued by anyone who hurts themselves or suffers loss or damage to their belongings whilst being on the land.

Being the UK, the courts have decided that it doesn’t matter whether the person who comes to grief was meant to be on the land or not. If they are trespassing and hurt themselves, they can still sue you if there is even the chance of negligence or a no win no fee solicitor. That makes getting Land Insurance a real priority for anyone that owns any size of plot.

If a car is crushed by a falling tree outside your land, you can even be sued for damages to it. The scope of what people can claim against landowners is huge and that is the first job of Insurance on Land – to protect you from them.

Most Land Insurance policies will come with up to £10 million liability cover and the good ones will also protect you against escalating legal fees in case you need to defend yourself in court.

Farm land can be covered by the insurance and so can everything from duck ponds to bridges, lakes and grazing fields. Any kind of land can be insured.

If you have barns and buildings on the land they can be insured under the same policy – although if they are residential you’ll need to look at normal home insurance as this is a much better fit for what you need.

There are few providers in the UK that can supply good Insurance on Land. If you try any of the big name insurers or price comparison sites you’ll come away disappointed as this is such a specialist area. It is also an area that makes little money so there is not a large number of brokers looking to break into the market. But that also means prices are quite low for those that need it.

To buy Land Insurance all you have to do is visit The Property Insurer and click on the land insurance button. You’ll be introduced to Versatile Insurance, one of our long-standing partners and the best provider of Insurance on Land in the UK right now – they can help you with any specific need or request. Get a quote today.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

Why you need Land Insurance

Why you need Land Insurance

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