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How to save on Renovation Insurance

How do you save money on Renovation Insurance? This is your short guide on how to make sure you are not being ripped off and paying a fair price.

Do you need Renovation Insurance?

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you actually need Renovation Insurance. If you are painting your bedrooms or having a wooden floor fitted then chances are you will not need this type of specialist insurance. These tasks are completed in hours, maybe a day or two max as DIY or with basic professional help.

Any professionals that come in to fit tiles or basins etc. will have their own professional indemnity insurance – or at least you should ensure they do. That means your standard home insurance is good enough as the risks are no different to normal.

If you are doing a full refurbishment with the property being empty and tradesmen visiting daily for three months while it is gutted and then redeveloped, then that will need Renovation Insurance. Same if you are doing a full renovation or extension to your home where the wall is broken and rooms added or major structural changes.

Insure what you need, insure the renovation project only

So once you decide if you need Renovation Insurance, the next thing you do is plan your insurance requirement to the project plan. If you have a mortgage releasing funds, materials coming on site at certain dates, then you need to have insurance in place for these important points. The good thing is Renovation Insurance is tailor made and will match the requirements down to the day needed. Doing that will save you money as it will reduce the risk covered when not needed.

Compare prices for Renovation Insurance

Now you know what you need and how much cover required for your renovation. The final step is to compare prices for the specialist Renovation Insurance you need. You can do this easily at The Property Insurer.

Comparing prices of at least two Renovation Insurance specialist providers is the only real way to check if you are paying above the odds or not. There are not many providers, so it is hard to find them but The Property Insurer brings together three of the best and gets them competing to win your policy.

Comparison allows you to check the policy coverage as well as the price when you use The Property Insurer and that is how you save on buying Renovation Insurance.

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