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LANDLORD INSURANCE is something all landlords want to save money buying. This is your straight forward guide on how to pay the lowest amount possible for landlord insurance in the UK right now. It’ll take less than a minute to read this article but it could save you hundreds of pounds if you follow the advice.

The first thing you have got to do is get the real rebuild value of the let property. Don’t simply go with catch all £500k coverage policies, ultimately they are costing you more and delivering a service you don’t need.

Then you need to price compare the policies. You cannot do this easily on any of the main price comparison websites such as Money Supermarket or Confused as they simply offer a list of advertisers or a single provider. They dress it all up nicely to look as though you will price compare but that is not what they are doing, your quote is going to the highest bidder, the one that will pay them the most to be on the page. That’s not a great way to save money as the insurers are already paying out a large sum before they even win your business and they need to get it back, so blindly thinking you are getting the best price is a mistake.

You need to select two or three good landlord insurance providers and contact each of them separately. It sounds like a pain and it will take you 30-minutes to do it, but at the end you’ll be able to compare prices and policies and buy the one that is best for you.

Alternatively, you can visit The Property Insurer and click the Landlords Comparison Insurance button. This facility gets you three of the best UK Landlord Insurance providers quoting and bidding to reduce your landlord insurance costs and win your business. You are playing them off against each other and can choose the best policy and price to suit your needs.

Don’t be afraid to speak with the insurer when they phone you. Using The Property Insurer, they will chase you to try and win your custom. Tell them the lowest price you have already and see if they can beat it – they will do all they can to beat it for sure.

Once you are happy with the price quoted and policy conditions, you can buy in confidence, knowing you have paid the least amount of money possible for your Landlords Insurance.

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How to save money on Landlord Insurance

How to save money on Landlord Insurance


I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord. We tell it how it really is. Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money!