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Low Cost Subsidence Insurance may sound like a contradiction in terms but it isn’t. The Property Insurer can help you find the right policy to meet your needs and save money regardless of any subsidence or heave you may have suffered before.

It is The Property Insurer’s belief that we can supply Low Cost Subsidence Insurance at a realistic price. Only properties that have suffered subsidence in the past need specialist insurance. If you haven’t had the displeasure of subsidence then you can count yourself lucky and get standard buildings and contents insurance. This normally comes with subsidence cover with a high excess of £1000 in the event of a claim. This is normal and a typical policy will cost around £220.

If you have suffered subsidence then getting a standard buildings and contents policy becomes a problem. Most of the big name insurers don’t understand subsidence and have little interest in your business. As far as they are concerned, your prior claim is toxic and they don’t want to lose money, so they’d prefer not to insure you or charge a fortune to you.

That is where specialist Low Cost Subsidence Insurance from The Property Insurer comes into play. We use only expert brokers and insurers that understand subsidence and ground heave. That means if you have had your property underpinned by a professional contractor and tell the provider, they know it may be less likely to suffer subsidence in the future. That allows them to rate the risk as low and offer Low Cost Subsidence Insurance that will protect you against any claims in the future.

The broker will ask you lots of questions about your past claim and as long as you answer truthfully, then you will be on course for the best insurance at the lowest price possible.   In many cases claims that are over 15-years old without any reoccurrence means they can discount the subsidence insurance significantly.

So, to get Low Cost Subsidence Insurance all you have to do is go to The Property Insurer and fill in the quick quote form. Three of the UK’s expert subsidence insurers will contact you and fight for your business. The good news is that because you will get three quotes, you can compare prices and policies before you buy, to be doubly sure you are getting Low Cost Subsidence Insurance.

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Low Cost Subsidence Insurance

Low Cost Subsidence Insurance from The Property Insurer

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