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IF you own a property that is empty for more than 30-days then you will need Unoccupied House Insurance. This is your guide to how to buy it in less than 10-minutes. It will also help you buy it at the best price possible with the most comprehensive policy coverage.

What you need from Unoccupied House Insurance

The basic cover from Unoccupied House Insurance is for buildings and contents. This is the same as a house with occupants but is tailor made for an empty property and the specific risks associated there.
The buildings rebuild cost you will have little influence about. Simply tell the broker what the figure is – but make sure it is the rebuild figure and not the resale figure.

Contents insurance is something that you can influence and will have a significant impact on the cost of Unoccupied House Insurance. The more cover you need then the more your policy will cost. If you have high value items in there, then that will skew the price upwards significantly. The secret here is to remove valuables from the house if you can and store elsewhere. You cannot underestimate the amount of cost that having contents in a vacant property will add to the cost of insurance.

Do you need Unoccupied House Insurance if less than 30-days?

In most cases the answer is no. Standard buildings and contents insurance policies allow 30-days vacancy as standard to cover holidays and work excursions. Our advice is to check your own policy to ensure that it does cover up to 30-days to be sure as all policies are different.

How to buy Unoccupied House Insurance un less than 10-minutes

Go to The Property Insurer and you can fill in a quote form that will take about 2-minutes. This collects the basic but most important information and passes it on to three of the best UK Unoccupied House Insurance providers. These are specialists that will deliver the best policies at the best prices. You’ll struggle to find them on any price comparison site as that is not their business – they are experts at empty properties. After filling in the form, allow a maximum of 8-minutes to compare prices and policies and buy the best one for your needs.

Alternatively yo can visit The Home Insurer for a single expert quote from an empty property insurance expert.

Either way we are confident you can get the best Unoccupied House Insurance in the UK at the lowest price. Give it a try and see what you can save today, it will take less than 10-minutes.

Jason McClean
The Property Insurer

How to buy Unoccupied House Insurance

How to buy Unoccupied House Insurance in less than 10-minutes

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