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THIS is a short guide on how to buy Shop Insurance in the UK. It is designed to be quick and easy to understand, gives you the links you need to get a quote (and buy) and will also give you advice on the cover you need and how to get the best price possible. Read this and you will become an expert in Shop Insurance in 400 words.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you know what Shop Insurance you need. If you are a big out of town retailer, then it will be different from a café in a village that in turn is very different to a petrol station or a home eBay shop.

From the menu of options you can choose stock replacement in case of theft or destruction. Most shops will need this as they will have stock on shelves or in storage.

Buildings insurance is optional as it may already be covered by the leaseholder of the premises. If not, then this protects the actual building against loss, most probably needed if you are the owner of the building.

You can get Shop Insurance to cover the fixtures and fittings of the shop, including tills and shelving.

If you employee staff, then you will need employers liability insurance to protect against any claims they may make because of injuring themselves. If you have an actual shop, then you’ll also need public liability insurance to protect against members of the public making claims against for whole varieties of reasons. This can be anything from injury to sexual harassment claims.

Broken windows happen in the real world and a good Shop Insurance policy will get them fixed and replaced as soon as possible every time.

Business interruption insurance is well worth considering for any shop owner. If a fire razed the shop to the ground and you had to wait six months for it to be rebuilt and stock replaced, could you live n savings? Chances are you couldn’t so that is where business interruption insurance helps, as it will pay out debts and a living wage while you wait.

Product liability insurance is worth having if you are concerned that anyone may come back to claim against you because of a product failure. Most product providers will have their own insurance though.

To buy whatever Shop Insurance you uniquely need, all you have to do is visit The Property Insurer and go through the quick quote form online or call the helpline. It will take around 10-minutes to get a real quote and you can buy instantly.



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