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SHOP owners know all about retail and how to get punters parting with cash for the shiny new items on their shelves. They also don’t like paying full RRP for anything and as many times as they have sales of their own, they are looking out for a bargain. This is how to buy your Shop Insurance at a ‘sale’ price.

What I mean by ‘sale’ price is the best price possible for the amount of cover that is needed. I don’t mean a fire sale where we are trying to get rid of insurance that is gathering stock. I don’t mean second hand or sub standard, I mean premium Shop Insurance at the best price you can get – and The Property Insurer really can help.

There are checklists of things you need to have in Shop Insurance and I’ve listed some, not all of them below here:

  • Building Insurance
  • Stock replacement insurance
  • Fixtures and fittings insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Fire and Theft Insurance

What you need in your Shop Insurance will depend on the type of business you own. If you are a High Street retailer you’ll have very different needs to a home eBay shop. The Shop Insurance from The Property Insurer is totally flexible and will match your needs perfectly and only charge for what you need.

If you don’t have employees, then you’ll not need employers liability insurance. If you do have a shop showroom, you will need public liability insurance. Make the choices and decide if you need business interruption insurance – if you have a catastrophic fire, this will keep paying your bills until the shop is open for business again.

The Property Insurer’s Shop Insurance provider will talk you through all of these steps and in the end you will get a policy that delivers what you need so you can sleep securely, as well as a price that will be class leading.

Now here’s the trick to making sure you get the Shop Insurance at an even better price from The Property Insurer’s provider. Ask them if they can cut the price a little bit and then you’ll commit and buy. It’s a classic negotiation and in 99% of cases they will put you on hold for a minute and then come back and knock the price back by a percentage, normally around 5%. So on a £1000 policy that’ll be a further saving of £50 and all the cover you want and need.

You can shop around, but you’ll not get any better Shop Insurance than here.



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