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I SAVED 30% on my annual Landlord Insurance by using The Property Insurer. This is a true story and happened just before my renewal date of April 13th 2015. If you follow the same steps then you could save money as well, I am confident of that.


The reason I got involved with The Property Insurer was because I love property and am a small time landlord. I have seven let properties that keep me on my toes and need every saving I can get to keep their heads above water.


The first thing that happened was I got my renewal notice for six of the properties in a single block. The seventh property renews in January. This renewal came in at £718, which isn’t bad for six properties.


I let it slide for a couple of weeks and then only three days before the renewal date, I finally got the time to concentrate on it. I put my details through The Property Insurer, which took two minutes.


Then I got a call and email from a broker asking for more details on my six properties. I diligently created a spread sheet (another task I had been putting off for years) detailing address, postcode, rebuild value, occupancy, year of construction, number of bedrooms and property type. I sent it off to the email and waited.


Then I got an email asking what price they had to beat. I said £718. They then came back with £499.


At that point I asked a few questions on the policy coverage and made sure it was giving me the cover I wanted. In the meantime two other brokers had quoted on the business but had not come close to the price.


I bought happily in a single instalment, saving 30.5% compared to the renewal quote of £718. I actually wonder how they can cover six properties at that price, the price is incredible. Of course, the fact I have never made a claim on landlord insurance in 15-years may help, but at least I can sleep safe knowing all my properties are secure from financial loss and ruin thanks to the landlords insurance I put in place.


I did not buy any extras such as Rent Guarantee or Emergency Cover. If I want those I will buy separately later on, but have never bought rent guarantee insurance willingly in my life and never will due to the nature of the policies. They only insure very safe fully tenant referenced tenants. If they are that good, I’ll self-insure thanks – and to date I’ve never had an incident when I could have used rent guarantee insurance.


That’s how I saved 30% on my landlord insurance. It can work for you. Visit The Property Insurer and click on Landlord Insurance today, the quote form takes two minutes to fill in and will deliver three of the best brokers in the UK fighting for your business.


Jason McClean

The Property Insurer


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