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CAN you buy Home Insurance with a price guarantee in the UK? The answer is yes, via The Home Insurer, a partner to The Property Insurer.

There are many brokers and insurers competing for your home insurance policy in the UK but none of them are quite as plain in their offer as The Home Insurer with its price guarantee.

What is a home insurance price guarantee?

The home insurance price guarantee here is against like for like cover. That means if you currently have a renewal at say £200, they will beat that and provide the same cover. So you cannot increase the sums insured or specified items and expect the price to be beaten. In essence it must be like for like.

How much can you expect to save?

Generally you will save maybe 5% against an already low price. In some cases the amount of money saved will be higher than this and in some possibly smaller. It’s important to note though, that you will save.

Do you need to prove the quote you currently have?

In many cases you’ll not be asked to prove the quote you have currently. As in the case above, if the price is £200, then The Home Insurer will know that is close to the market rate. It can then discount and deliver your insurance quickly and easily without any fuss.

If the price you are quoting is miles away from the market rate, then there is likely to be something misunderstood in the quote and you will be asked to provide the quote as evidence. It could be that you have asked for £200,000 of cover when you meant £2million – a zero knocked off by accident. So checking and proving the quote will protect you and your property.

Can you buy online or over the phone?

You can buy online and over the phone. If you have a very low price and the online quote engine doesn’t beat it, then you will need to contact us so we can over ride the system once happy there is a genuine quote in place. This will not take very long and in 90% of cases, the online quote will be extremely competitive and is designed to save you money without calling anyone.

Is this the only home insurance price guarantee in the UK?

We cannot see a price guarantee on home insurance anywhere else right now, so that makes this a bargain right now.

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Home Insurance with a price guarantee

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