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I READ with interest that the Daily Mail thinks old army bases may solve the problem of housing in the UK by opening up vast numbers of houses to the market. You can read about it here at THIS IS MONEY. I think it is an interesting idea and can confirm very early on that Home Insurance for these properties is likely to be very easy to get.

The only reasons you might struggle to get home insurance is because you would struggle with any property. There is nothing specific to an old army base that makes it any more or less of a risk. But if it is built on a flood plain, then you should expect issues with flood insurance.

If the base has a history of subsidence then it will be the same issue for it now as a private development. You will need to source specialist insurance to cover that.

If the homes don’t have locks on the doors and windows, that’s an obvious problem too, so simply apply common sense. There is no advantage or disadvantage to home insurance if you buy a property on a former army base.

But does developing on army bases really solve the UK’s housing crisis – namely a shortfall in building properties? In short the answer has to be no. Yes, if 38 airbases all open up and allow 1500 houses to be built on them that will add to the supply. That’s potentially 57,000 new homes. But set against the backdrop of needing at least 200,000 new homes per year for the next 10 years plus, that’s a drop in the ocean. Especially when you consider the homes will take up to 15-years to build in some cases.

Let’s say we aspire 5000 new homes per year on army bases for nearly 12 years. That means we need to find another 195,000 to build every year just to stand still and keep up with net migration and an increasing population.

No, building on army bases is not the solution itself, but it is part of the solution and that is a good thing.

The only other issue looking at the article linked above to This Is Money is the prices of the properties. The Fairfax at Heyford Park at £629,995 is not exactly what I would deem affordable. It’s not hitting the end of the market that needs housing, namely first time buyers and social housing. Keepers Court in Kent at £699,000 is lovely too, but hardly going to appeal to school leavers who are looking for a first mortgage.

Happily, even these expensive properties can find unbeatable Home Insurance via The Property Insurer. In fact, any property at any price can be insured and you could save big compared to current costs. Visit the website today to get a quote!

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Army Bases and Home Insurance

Army Bases and Home Insurance


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