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GETTING home insurance in Northern Ireland is a bit more challenging than the rest of the UK due to less insurers being willing to quote and provide insurance. The Property Insurer makes it a lot easier though, bringing the very best home insurance providers in the UK to the Province.

Being Belfast born myself, making sure The Property Insurer could deal with Northern Irish business was pretty important to me, even if I now live in the UK.

The reasons for it being hard to get home insurance in Northern Ireland are varied and many. The simple fact is though; Ulster homeowners are tarred with the same brush as car drivers in that the claims ratio and losses are higher for the population than compared to the UK in general.

The fact is every county in the UK will reflect different loss ratios and claims costs. Northern Ireland simply appears near the top of those lists more often than not but that doesn’t mean there are insurers who are not ready to be super competitive and write home insurance policies.

Right now local brokers and providers dominate the Northern Ireland home insurance market. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as they understand the market well and are able to make decisions on underwriting that deliver the right policies at the right prices.

But I think The Property Insurer goes one step further than that. It brings the best UK Home Insurance providers that want to win business in Ulster together and prompts them to fight for your business and reduce prices. You can price compare and buy the best insurance policies from some of the best specialist home insurance providers that the rest of the UK has access to.

Getting home insurance for a Northern Irish home couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit The Property Insurer and click on the Home Insurance button and follow the onscreen instructions to get a quote in around 5-minutes. The providers will detail prices, excess and other policy information on screen and you can click to buy instantly at any time of the day or night.

Northern Ireland has for too long been on the outskirts of home insurance provision and it is time that residents can access the best insurance possible. So visit The Property Insurer today and see how much you can save on your Home Insurance.

Jason McClean


Home Insurance in Northern Ireland

Home Insurance in Northern Ireland


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