Home emergency cover

Home Emergency Cover is for the dramas and financial heartaches that your normal buildings and contents insurance just don’t cover. Things like boilers breaking down, central heating packing up, pipes leaking/burst and electrics that give up the ghost.

All of these things have a real cost associated with them and usually happen unexpectedly. They can be very expensive to fix and rectify, never mind getting a technician at short notice.

The Property Insurer has partnered with Surewise for Home Emergency cover because they offer different levels of cover at different prices. The Silver policy costs just £47.99 per year and offers £250 maximum per claim. The Gold policy is £59.99 per year and offers £500 per claim. The Platinum policy is £69.99 and offers £750 per claim. There are unlimited claims per year.

The coverage is clear and easy to buy instantly online, find out more by hitting the Get a Quote button.

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picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

Small dramas can cost a fortune. During 2014 I had to pay out £275 and then £180 on boiler faults in my own home. My garage door lock also broke unexpectedly and that was another £60 to fix. If I had the Gold Home Emergency Cover in place it all would have been fixed for me for the single annual fee of £59.99. And I wouldn’t have paid any excess either. I would have been £455.01 better off today by taking out this cover.

Lesson Learnt

The Home Emergency Cover includes a wide variety of typical domestic problems, is no quibble and makes it easy to source reputable tradesmen because they do it for you. There is no downside here; the cost is well worth the return if anything goes wrong.

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