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EMPTY PROPERTY INSURANCE is a must for anyone with a home that is empty and uninhabited. The good news is that it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. With help from The Property Insurer, it is easy to buy as well.

Empty Property Insurance is a specialist product

Insurance for vacant properties is not a typical product and that means you need a specialist to deliver it. Yes, the Direct Lines of the world will probably be able to offer you cover but chances are you will be paying a lot for the cover as they are not experts at this type of insurance.

You are much better suited to go to a specialist provider that understands exactly what you need and buy from them. They are likely to be cheaper because they have the best rates and know how to rate the property risk properly. They are also likely to be more flexible. When it comes to the end of the vacancy you should be able to transfer to standard home insurance with minimum fuss or cost.

How do you know if you need unoccupied home insurance?

As a rule of thumb, anything less than 30-days vacancy will be covered by normal home insurance. You need to check your policy though. Some really cheap home insurance policies will exclude anything over two weeks. That’s how they get the price so low to begin with on some price comparison sites.

Anything over 30-days you should take as needing a specialist policy from an expert provider. Whether you are a landlord, it’s your own home or you a solicitor working on probate, we can help.

What does vacant property insurance cover?

Empty Property Insurance is buildings and contents cover for a property. It works and acts the same way as normal home insurance. If there is a fire, flood or theft, you call your insurer and make a claim to have the financial loss covered less any excess.

Some extreme lengths of vacancy may only be given basic perils cover. That means you are only covered for the basics – damage from fire, lightning etc. But that is worth having rather than nothing and will only apply in extreme cases.

How to buy the best empty home insurance

Simply visit The Property Insurer and click on the Unoccupied Insurance page. It takes two minutes to fill in the quote form and then you can compare three of the best UK providers.

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Empty Property Insurance

Empty Property Insurance


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