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IF you have an unoccupied home then you will need good insurance to protect it. This is your easy to follow guide to getting Cheap Empty Property Insurance.


Unoccupied insurance is the same as normal buildings and contents insurance but with one key difference: it recognises the different risks associated with an empty property.


To get Cheap Empty Property Insurance there are a few essential steps you need to follow:


1: Make sure you have the right rebuild and contents replacement values

The same as your home insurance; make sure you know what the rebuild value of the property as accurately as possible. There’s no point over-insuring, it will cost you money and you’ll never be able to use it.


2: Minimise the contents in the empty property

The more high tech, big screen televisions, Apple computers and expensive Canon cameras you have in the property then the more you could lose in a burglary or fire. It’s even worse if the curtains are open and they are all left on show. Minimise the amount and values to get Cheap Empty Property Insurance.


3: Join a neighbourhood watch scheme

If there is a neighbourhood watch scheme you should be in it. If there isn’t one then start one. The extra security is appreciated by insurers and will help reduce the cost of your insurance.


4: Get an alarm fitted and monitored

Alarms are great but they need to be monitored. If it is going off and you are 100-miles away then you will not hear it. So pay a firm and get it monitored and controlled. That will reduce the price of the insurance.


5: Have a friendly neighbour

If you have a friendly neighbour, you can ask them to keep any eye on the house and even clear the mail periodically. It all makes a difference.


6: Price compare to get Cheap Empty Property Insurance

You need to price compare different quotes to get the best price. This is probably the single most effective way of getting Cheap Empty Property Insurance.


Go to The Property Insurer and select the Unoccupied Insurance tab and fill in the short form. You’ll get three of the best UK providers competing for your business and driving down prices.


That’s how you get Cheap Empty Property Insurance in the quickest and most efficient way in the UK today.


Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

Get Cheap Empty Property Insurance

Get Cheap Empty Property Insurance

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