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FLOOD RE INSURANCE is now available for Hull and East Yorkshire from The Home Insurer. That means if you have flooded or live in a flood risk postcode, then we can offer you affordable flood insurance with realistic excess.

Hull and East Yorkshire is an area prone to flooding and marked as high risk by the Environment Agency. Even if you haven’t flooded, chances are you will be facing high home insurance premiums if you are in a flood risk area. The Home Insurer can help with specialist flood and Flood Re Insurance.

Low excess

High excess is a problem for anyone who has previously flooded or lives in a risky area. These can typically be £5000 or more. We have heard of excess levels at £100,000+ in some cases.

Flood Re Insurance means that those sorts of silly excesses are a thing of the past. The scheme takes the flood risk and keeps it aside from the rest of the home insurance.

It means we typically see homes that have flooded in the past come up with an excess of £250. That means if a new flood event happens, the cost of getting the repairs done is much easier and affordable for you.

Affordable flood insurance in Hull

Flood Re Insurance is designed to be affordable. In our experience it is competitive with normal flood insurance. In most cases it is slightly more expensive but the benefit of the much lower excess makes it a more attractive offer.

So what is affordable flood insurance? It’s impossible to answer that as rates and risks are changing all the time. In our experience good specialist flood risk insurance will be around £400 for a normal property risk. The same property on Flood Re Insurance may be £500. That gives you an idea of how the prices differ.

How can The Home Insurer help you?

The Home Insurer has access to both specialist Flood Re Insurance and flood insurance. It means we can compare and contrast the cover on offer as well as any exclusions, excess or restrictions. That way you can make an informed choice on what flood insurance is best for you.

The good news is if you need flood insurance then through our schemes we are likely to be able to offer you cover – something that some properties struggle with if persistently flooded. Whatever your circumstances, we will d our best to help you get the right cover.

To get a quote then call on 0800 612 5764 or visit www.thehomeinsurer.co.uk.

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