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THE first flash floods of the UK summer happened in London and Bedfordshire in early June when nearly a full month’s worth of rain was deposited in an hour. The only surefire protection you have against this sort of weather event is Flood Risk Insurance.

The BBC showed video of cars submerged and water running into homes. Experience tells us that the owners of those properties will be facing months of misery and financial ruin if they are not insured against flooding.

Let me make this very clear, if you don’t have flood risk insurance then you will end up paying for repairs and remedial work yourself. That means all the furniture, flooring and most likely walls on the bottom floor will need replacing. But they are only replaced after a long and energy intensive period of dehumidifying and other work to remove smell and waste. And if there is damage to the electrics and pipes in the walls you’ll be needing to replace them too. Budget for new plasterboard.

And while you are at it, you may realise you cannot live in the property due to the stench of sewage that has risen up.

It’s very easy to see flood insurance claims going above £10,000 and several months of work. £40,000 is not unusual in a bad flood. And if you need alternative accommodation, can you afford that as well while the repairs are taking place?

If you have Flood Risk Insurance in place then after your excess payment, everything else is paid for by the insurer. They send out a professional loss adjuster who will take care of everything from repairs to replacement as well as alternative accommodation for you. And they want it done fast because they are busy and time is money. They will be your best friend.

So it makes complete sense to have flood risk insurance in place wherever you live in the UK. It is normally part of a standard home insurance policy but you need to check that you are covered as some really cheap policies remove the cover to reduce the price. That’s a false economy.

If you live in an area prone to flooding then you will have no choice but need Flood Risk Insurance from a specialist. That is where The Property Insurer comes into play. We can deliver the best flood risk insurance in the UK at the best prices in two minutes. Click on Flood Risk Insurance now to get a quote and put your mind at rest regardless of summer flash floods in the UK.

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Flood Risk Insurance is the best defence

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