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THE only question you need to answer to find out if you need Unoccupied Insurance is whether or not your property will be empty for more than 30-days at any one time.

Put simply, if your property is empty for less than 30-days then chances are you will not need Unoccupied Insurance. Most standard residential home insurance buildings and contents policies will allow up to and including 30-days of vacancy. All you need to do is check your policy to make sure that 30-days are noted as permitted for vacancy. But note that some really cheap price comparison purchased policies will exclude vacancy – this is because to get the lowest price the insurer has removed numerous benefits from the policy and pared it back to the minimum. So if you have bought from a price comparison site, you may well need to change your insurance even if the property is vacant for less than 30-days.

But generally, all good home insurance will cover 30-days, just be sure to check for your own peace of mind.

If your property is empty for more than 30-days then you will need to amend your home insurance or buy an Unoccupied Insurance policy specifically designed to cover your risk. This is not a problem, this is the responsible thing to do and if you take sensible precautions then it will be reasonably priced.

Tell the insurer the reasons for the vacancy and what you expect – how many times will the property be left empty? Make sensible arrangements to be part of a neighbourhood watch scheme and get a good alarm fitted and make sure it is monitored. Do these things and the insurer will have a lot of reasons to quote a reasonable price close to your standard residential buildings and insurance price.

Unoccupied Insurance is not new and is much more common than you think. Many standard policies will now allow up to 45-days vacancy without having any change to terms or prices, but you need to speak with a specialist to get these sort of benefits.

So, to get good Unoccupied Insurance, you should visit The Property Insurer and click on the Unoccupied Insurance button. There is a quick quote form that will get you three quotes and allow you to compare and choose the policies and prices on offer. It is as simple as that to understand whether you need and then buy Unoccupied Insurance.

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Unoccupied Insurance does not need to cost more

Unoccupied Home Insurance does not need to cost more



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