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IT is holiday season and many people are jetting off to warmer climes and sunny beaches. Many of them wonder if they will need Unoccupied Insurance in the summer holidays. This is your guide to what home insurance you need when you are looking at holidays.


Check your home insurance policy

The first thing you need to do is check your current home insurance policy. You’ll need to read the small print to find out how long you can leave the property empty for and still be covered. Normally this is 30-days on a standard home insurance policy.


That means as long as you do not leave the property empty for more than 30-days at any one time your insurance cover will remain in place.


As most people take holidays for seven or 14 days, that will mean your insurance will keep you covered while sunning yourself abroad. It is only if you go away for more than 30-days that you will need to sort additional insurance.


Now, there is one other situation that you may come across. If your home insurance policy is very cheap then it may exclude any vacant property time at all. In this case you will need to speak with your insurer and sort additional cover. This is a classic case of saving a couple of pounds for the cheapest policy, normally via a price comparison site, costing you tens of pounds later on. It’s always best to avoid these bare minimal policies.


What if you Unoccupied Insurance for more than 30-days?

Luckily you can buy Unoccupied Insurance to meet just about any need. All you need to do is call your insurer and tell them how much longer you need the cover for. If you have a holiday lasting more than 30-days then you are lucky indeed.


If it is only a couple of days extra above 30 then the insurer may not add any charge at all, but it will be down to each case and provider. In most cases you will be charged additional premium to cover the extra unoccupied days. That is fair as you are asking your insurer to increase cover above and beyond what was originally agreed.


So, do you need Unoccupied Insurance in the summer holidays? The answer is only if over 30-days and your normal home insurance policy covers you up to that point.


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Do you need Unoccupied Insurance in the summer holidays?

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