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HOW do you know if you need unoccupied home insurance? The answer is a lot easier to understand than you may think and there is no need to worry about costs.

If you are planning to leave your home unattended for more than 30-days at any one time, then you will need unoccupied home insurance. 30-days is the critical measurement here. If you leave the property empty for less than 30-days then you will not need specialist unoccupied home insurance.

The reasons 30-days is so important is because so many standard buildings and contents home insurance policies allow for 30-days vacancy as a matter of course. They do this for holidays and other trips that you may take in the year. It’s common for fortnight holidays and three or possibly four week holidays abroad for trips of a lifetime are more usual now as well. But very few people go for more than 30-days.

So you can go away for 29-days every month for the whole year and still not need unoccupied home insurance. As long as you stay below 30-days, your standard home insurance should cover it. The caveat is to check your policy though, to make sure it offers the 30-days coverage. Some really cheap price comparison home insurance offers don’t allow this because they are cut so far to save price. So check.

Now, if you know that you will be away for more than 30-days then you’ll need to speak with your insurer and see if they can upgrade you to unoccupied home insurance for the period needed. Not all home insurers can do this easily or at sensible price, because they don;’t want the hassle of a risky policy. If they charge you huge sums of money to change, it may be better to cancel the policy and find an expert empty property insurer.

A good unoccupied home insurance provider will allow you up to 45 or 60-days if needed. Then the policy will revert to standard buildings and contents when you return, saving you money.

The same rules apply to landlords who need a property covered when it is void or waiting for tenants to occupy it. Most landlord policies will allow 30 days minimum, just check them to be sure. But if you need more cover, get unoccupied home insurance.

The Property Insurer allows you to compare the prices of three of the best unoccupied home insurance providers in the UK. It takes about two minutes to fill in the form and get prices. Expect to pay a little more than standard home insurance, but if you need to make a claim, at least you know you are covered with unoccupied home insurance.

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Unoccupied Insurance does not need to cost more

Unoccupied Home Insurance does not need to cost more

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