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YOU will only need unoccupied home insurance if you leave your property empty for more than 30-days at a time. Even if you only leave it vacant for 31-days once in the year, then you will need specialist insurance.

Why 30-days?

30-days is a great amount of time that your property is insured for under a normal home insurance policy. It is 30-days because that allows for two, three and even the special four week holidays that we sometimes take. It would be difficult for insurers to constantly change home insurance policies to take into account holidays. It would be costly as well and every insurer wants to be competitive, so 30-days it is.

It is unusual that any holiday or work excision will take more than 30-days. That is why this number is so critical.

And anything longer than 30-days will actually increase the chance of a claim at any home property. If you are away for 45-days, there are lots of things that can go wrong. Think of weather damage, burst pipes and electrical failures. Then there is the more nefarious theft, vandalism and deliberate damage. If your post is piling up and your curtains remain drawn for 45-days, you are sending a clear signal to thieves that your property is an easy target.

Don’t even contemplate squatters unless you want to have sleepless nights.

How to buy Unoccupied Home Insurance for any length of time

This is easy, you simply need to find a specialist provider and then compare prices with another specialist provider. Doing that will take some time if you use Google because you don’t really know who a specialist provider is.

That’s where The Property Insurer comes into play – or its sister site The Home Insurer. It does know the specialist providers in the UK and works with them. It makes your life a lot easier.

All you have to do is fill in one quote form that takes around 2-minutes. It is designed to be fast and easy to understand. Then when you submit that three of the best unoccupied home insurance providers int he UK will quote you to provide insurance. They know they are competing with each other and will do their best to give you a good price. Once you are happy with the policy and price, all you have to do is buy it to rest easy that you have the best insurance in place.

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