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YOU only need specialist Subsidence Insurance if you have suffered subsidence in the past. If you have not suffered in the past then your standard home insurance policy should cover any first instances. You will need to check your standard policy to make sure you are covered, normally there is a £1000 excess.

Some standard home insurance policies will not include subsidence cover. This is because they will have been bought so cheaply on a comparison website that the cover has been pared down to the minimum. That’s why you need to check your own standard policy to be sure.

But the fact is, if you have suffered subsidence or ground heave before, then you will certainly need Subsidence Insurance.

What does Subsidence Insurance do?

This is very specialist and provides buildings and contents insurance for your home if it has had subsidence before. Subsidence is very expensive to fix and requires engineers and underpinning amongst other solutions. You are talking £20,000+ to fix quite easily. So it is a major event and claim against your property insurance and you need to let your new insurers know all about it.

In most cases standard home insurers will not know how to cope with previous subsidence claims. That means they will either hike up the price of the insurance of simply not offer you any cover at all. Put simply, they don’t want your business unless you pay handsomely for the policy.

That’s when a specialist Subsidence Insurance provider comes into its own. They will understand what has happened in the past and how it has been fixed. They know that a well fixed case of subsidence, by a reputable contractor, will most likely not fail again. They know if you suffered subsidence more than five years ago and there has been no further occurance, then the chances of it happening again are small.

In short, expert Subsidence Insurance providers know what they are talking about. They can rate the risk of insuring your property accurately and realistically. That means you can get the right insurance at the right price.

How to buy Subsidence Insurance

Simply go to The Home Insurer if you need standard home insurance. They offer a great deal on policies, including subsidence cover if you have never had it before.

If you need Subsidence Insurance, then go to The Property Insurer and let the three best providers in the UK fight for your business and supply great policies at the lowest prices possible.

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Subsidence Insurance

Do you need Subsidence Insurance?



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